N.J.J. Smith



Nicholas J.J. Smith is a photographer, musician and philosopher based in Sydney, Australia.

He is the designer for the online literary journal Snorkel.

For an interview about his photographic work see Driftwood Press 4.3, pp.73–5.

Recent photography publications and exhibitions include The Adirondack Review (Fall 2016), LENSCRATCH (September 2016), L.A. Photo Curator (October 2016), LENSCRATCH (October 2016), Darkroom Gallery (November 2016), 3Elements Review (14, April 2017), Exposition Review (May 2017), Oddball Magazine (May 2017), F-STOP Magazine (June 2017),  Oddball Magazine (June 2017), Driftwood Press (4.3, July 2017), Temenos (Fall 2017), Float Photo Magazine (January 2018) and Cha (forthcoming).

All images © 2009–2018 Nicholas Jeremy Josef Smith.